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С0ФИКО ТАГИЛ 1000000
HouseCat ОбеЗзЗбАШЕНныЕ 546014
TODO LOVE_for_TWO 204171
Кицанюк_Катя 9-1-1 156382
xareba ALCO_PARTY 145512
katuchik ШаЛьНыЕ_ЛосИ 139506
VaRvArA MATRIX 129697
Plksel ОбеЗзЗбАШЕНныЕ 128761
T-A-T-Y-A-N-A ОбеЗзЗбАШЕНныЕ 124792
LaraKroft15 V_I_P_PERSONA 123416
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About the game

Avatarika is the entire virtual world inhabited by handsome guys and charming girls, who spend their days chatting, flirting, making new friends and having fun.

To join the vivid world of this online game, download and install the client of Avatarika Online and start playing! Immerse yourself into a fairy tale of luxury apartments, expensive sport cars and large cities. Create your character with the unique appearance: in Avatarika Online you can adjust every feature of your avatar’s face, up to eye and nose shape. If you want to make the character look like yourself or some celebrity, the variety of tuning parameters will let you do it.

Thanks to the user-friendly and convenient tutorial you will easily learn the basics of living in «„Avatarika“». Here you can not only play a new RPG game, but also to communicate with other users, make interesting contacts, find friends with the same interests and to raise your skills of social adaptation, which are useful in everyday life. Check out all the beauty of the game in the virtual world!