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Pets in the world of Avatarika

In «Avatarika» you can not only buy a pet but also take it for walks, teach it different tricks and play with it using various toys bought in special shops. There are different types of pets in the game: kittens and puppies of different breeds and even more exotic animals like goats or elephants. To buy them check the «Pets» section of the online shop or visit the in-game pet store, located at the «Pervomayskaya» underground station.

At first it’s hard to imagine how the virtual pet can replace real one. But there is a whole bunch of cases where the online pets can be more preferable than real ones.

online pets

First of all it concerns cases of allergy to animal fur. It can be not only your disease but one of your family members. Furthermore, not everyone has living conditions suitable for pets. Not to mention that the living animal companion will occupy most of your spare time.

In such circumstances, the ideal solution will be to have a virtual pet. This decision has a number of advantages:

  • behavior, instincts and habits of our virtual pets are fully copied from the real animals;
  • Furniture in your apartment will not suffer from your little furry friends.
  • Virtual pets do not cause allergies;
  • you can go on vacation for a long time and not worry that something happens to your pet, it will be available any place where you can get the Internet access. So you can take care of your pet from anywhere in the world without fear that he will die because of lack of attention and care.

online pets

Virtual Pets are also perfectly suited for those who are planning to get the real kitten or puppy in the near future, but before that want to experience all the delights and difficulties that appear together with four-legged friend. For example, the virtual cat also needs care and attention. In addition, if you don’t train it properly, it will sharpen its claws on furniture and other elements of the interior. You will have to put in enough effort, so the virtual cat will become a real loyal friend to your character in the exciting world of «Avatarika».