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Dancing is the unique mini-game in which you will be able not only to hone dance skills in solo dance, but also compete with real opponents in real-time mode dancing to the most driving songs!

In order to start dancing, click on the menu button in the lower right corner. Choose «solo dance» if you want to practice dancing to different music and on different levels of difficulty.

If you believe in yourself and have conquered all the difficult moves try to compete with real players in the «global dance» mode.

online dancing

Solo dance (training mode)

In the «solo-dance» (training) mode you need to choose the music and level of difficulty. When you choose the music, you can listen to the beginning of the track, so you won’t have to think long remembering the particular song.

dancing game online

Dancing game in «Avatarika has several difficulty levels

Level 1. Lowest difficulty. On the screen you will see various combinations of arrows that you should repeat on your keyboard and then press «Space».

Level 2. The combinations you should reproduce have less repeating symbols. The difficulty in this level is increased by 10%, but the reward is bigger as well.

Level 3. Same as on the previous level, but the time period for repeating the combination is shortened and pressing the «Space» in the needed moment becomes harder.

Level 4. This level of difficulty adds letters to the arrow combinations. What letters? You’ll know when you reach the level. Do not forget that your real opponents are fostering their skills too, so you should mostly choose modes of high difficulty for training.

Level 5. All of the above and the «touch type» added. On this level of difficulty the symbols you should repeat will not appear on the screen all at once but step by step while you type the previous ones.

Global dance («battle» mode)

When you create the group dance you should set many parameters: not only the music to dance to and the difficulty level, but also the type of the dance, number of dancers, participation bet and even the password for joining your dancing team.

dance dating

There are several types of dances

  • Duel: Just you and me
  • Group dance: Every man for himself
  • Group vs group
  • Party vs party
  • Party vs party: the battle for the club

For all kinds of dance (except the duel and the battle for the club) you can also choose the dance floor, which will host the competition. If you create the «Duel» Dance, your opponent will be teleported to your place. If you are creating the «Battle for the club» dance, you have to be in the club that you want to take over.

After closing the dance creation window, you will see a list of all the current dancing competitions. Don’t forget that we also have the Spectator mode where you can watch the champions’ games or support your friends.

online dance game

Choose the dance and click on «Details» button (or just double left click on the selected line) and you will see the window with the complete information about the dance.

dance game menu

After you have created the dance, it’s time to go to the dancing club and start the battle! The transfer happens automatically, you just need to stay still and get in the right mood.

How to play? It’s very simple!

After the start of the dance competition (or workout), you will see the arrows appearing on the screen and the scale over them. You need to type the exact combination and commit your choice by pressing the «Space» at the moment when the ball is in the white zone. The more accurate you will be when you press the space bar, the higher is your chance to get the maximum reward — «Awesome»!

dancing titles

After each dance, you will see a window with the results, and also the dance title that you’ve earned.

1 level. Guest
Level 2. Beginner
Level 3. Pioneer
Level 4. Rhythmic dancer
Level 5. Dance maniac
Level 6. Dancer of the day
Level 7. Seasonal sensation
Level 8. Virtuoso
Level 9. Club regular
Level 10. Party star
11 level. Crowd pleaser
12 level. Dance master
13 level. Street dancer
14 level. Star dancer
Level 15. Natural leader
16 level. Professional dancer
17 level. Model dancer
18 level. Famous dancer
19 level. Choreographer
20 level. Dance floor legend
21 levels. Dancing deity

Dance with us and fight for the «Dancing deity» title!