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The main feature of «Avatarika is that your character has the same needs as you: he or she can get hungry, tired, sick, etc. In order to avoid diseases, depression and other troubles, you have to monitor the level of their needs that are the following: hygiene, cheerfulness, communication, hunger and leisure.

To fill the needs you will have to buy food, play sports, chat with friends and even participate in various competitions.

Before buying any product you need to know what effect it will have on your needs. To do this, left click on it while holding Ctrl. The number of squares indicates how fulfilled a particular need will be.

Sometimes your character may inform you of their current needs by special icons appearing in the right corner of the screen. To find out all the details of the need and, most importantly, ways to fill it— click left-click on the icon while holding Ctrl.

Also there is a special «Fill needs» button that allows you to return all the needs indicators to the optimal level if you don’t want or don’t have time to fill them manually.

The key feature of «Avatarika» is that your character has all the needs that real people have. That makes the game very realistic. Players need to buy food for their characters, take care of their hygiene, be responsive to their wishes, help them keep contact with friends, go shopping to bring down stress, or visit hospital if they are ill.

In addition to daily needs (such as food, drink, etc.), your character will need entertainment. To bring the indicator to the «green zone» visit cafes, restaurants, bowling clubs, have pets, go shopping and even take part in competitions. And don’t forget the «communication» need; to chat with your friends you can meet them in person or call on the phone.

Each character can participate in the life of other citizens, for example by helping them fulfill their needs — go shopping together, take part in sporting events and more. This gives you the opportunity to meet interesting people, have fun, and to explore the exciting world of «Avatarika».