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Description of «AVATARIKA»

Today the videogames market offers games suited for any fancy. And depending of your tastes you can choose whatever you like — a turn-based strategy, exciting RPG or real life-simulator like Avatarika Online


It’s the videogame that allows you to control one or several virtual characters. Mostly these colorful RPG-games have no specific goal and you can’t pass them to the end. The core of the game is the social interaction of people: they communicate with each other, visit different places and have fun.

The game begins with character creation with the broad selection of the appearance settings. Experimenting with looks, you can make your complete virtual copy, or on the contrary, create the appearance you could only dream about. And when you set the character’s traits, you’ll get a real personality. Don’t forget that the chosen settings will have influence on the entire character’s life in the world of Avatarika.


In the virtual world of «Avatarika» you can shape your destiny with your own hands. You set the guidelines of your character (by the way, character creation is the initial stage of the game). Here it is possible to perform a stirring dance in the night club, drive through the city on a sports car, build your dream house or completely change the boring appearance. Any desire that is unattainable in the real world can be easily solved with the help of this interesting game.

Avatarika is a bright and original online MMORPG. Here you can chat with other people, meet new friends and even start the romantic relationship. Games like Avatarika can make your life full!

Of course, your character needs to be taken care of, fulfilling all his needs. There are lots of opportunities to enhance the life of your avatar; boutiques, beauty parlours, and other useful locations — all that helps to keep the character in good mood and to fill all his needs. You can even have a pet here, many people will like it!

Every character in «Avatarika» has its own rating, which depends on different factors: health, mood, and set of clothes or number of friends. There are constant competitions and challenges for the players, and winning them increases your social status and raises you to the top of the leaderboards. A high rating allows you to get to fancy parties and prestigious shops and clubs, and achieve many other pleasant things. Thus, the simulation of life in the city allows you to become successful in the virtual world. In short, you can fulfill any desire in this free-to-play game. Here you can do everything!


Every popular mmorpg can offer players a colorful game world, realistic characters, interesting activities and the user-friendly interface. Especially the «Avatarika Online». This life-simulator allows you to create the character of your liking (maybe you want it to be like you, and perhaps, on the contrary, come up with something original). After creating the character you can immediately start exploring the virtual space.

All the best MMORPG are interactive and «Avatarika» is no different. Here you can enter any public place, talk to any person and perform almost any action.

The main advantage of «Avatarika» is, perhaps, that this is not just a game, like the other popular online games but some kind of social network, allowing you to meet real people. This interesting and joyful MMORPG brings together people with similar interests. You will definitely like that in Avatarika you can meet real people, chat, flirt and even fall in love. The audience of the game consists of people, who like to communicate and make new friends.


Quite often popular mmorpgs literally cause addiction. However, it is not surprising as online role-playing games (especially if they are distributed on free-to-play basis) appear to be the improved version of the real world. Yes, it’s fake, but sometimes in the heat of the game one can easily forget about this.

Of course, we should not abandon the real world not for all the trappings of the virtual one; otherwise the popular mmorpg will soon replace all the joys of the real life. But if we consider popular mmorpg only as a fascinating hobby, spending just a couple of hours a day in them, the virtual space is quite the place to be. Besides, the world of online games has its advantages.

Firstly, «games for girls» give you a great opportunity to implement long-standing desires that cannot be fulfilled in real life. Isn’t it what the mmorpgs are loved for? Here you can build a huge house, buy a luxury fur coat or date the guy of your dreams.

Secondly, popular online games are a wonderful opportunity to briefly escape the problems of real life. Each one of us have some problems in real life: lack of time and money, quarrels with relatives and loved ones and so on and so forth. But there are no such problems in the virtual world and if troubles appear, they can be solved easily.

Thirdly, the best online games of MMORPG genre give you the perfect ability to find like-minded people. Our life simulator may help you to find your best friend or real love. Starting in virtuality, the relationships are often continued in real life.

In short, virtual world created for the users of the online game for girls «Avatarika», allows you to have fun and spend time. If you want to briefly escape from the real world and get distracted from problems, there is no better solution than this exciting life-simulator.


This game is the client game, i.e., you need to install a special program — the game client. The process of downloading and installation will not take much time and soon you will be able to enjoy the game. Like all the best online games, «Avatarika» will impress you with excellent graphics and extensive gaming abilities. Perhaps, this game can easily be called one of the best RPGs of its age.

The fascinating world of «Avatarika» is open for the players! Sign up, create your character and explore the large and beautiful city. Evolve, communicate, meet friends — the game opens up a lot of possibilities. The world of entertainment and communication is waiting for you, join us!