Support Screenshots

First steps

When you start the game the first thing you have to do is to create a character. To do this, press the «Create» button and it will lead you to the screen where you can create the appearance of your avatar. You can choose the gender, hairstyle, clothes, make-up, face type from preset variants or use the «Sculptor» function allowing you to change the parameters manually. When you finish the tuning, give your character the name!

Move the cursor over the button to see the tooltip with its description. Learning more about the virtual world of Avatarika is easy!

After you create the character it will appear in the virtual café. The friendly instructor will teach you the basics of living in «Avatarika». And when the tutorial is over you will receive a gift! Then you will find yourself in this city surrounded by other players. It is time to earn the prestige by completing the quests you will receive from the citizens!

There are plenty of benches in the parks or near the underground stations where you can relax after a shopping spree in the mall. To do this, simply left click on the bench, and see your character relaxing under the warm sun or in the shade of a mighty tree.

Exploring the world of «Avatarika», you will need to move from one island to another. To do that use Taxi or underground. For quick and inexpensive trips you can get a personal car in our Automobile sales center.

In addition, in the online shop, we offer unique and exclusive sport cars that will help you to stand out and show how tough you are!

Every store and organization has their own working hours. To learn them click on the post at the entrance to the building. The only exceptions are the malls that are open 24/7. If you want to buy something left click on the trader and there will be the window with the list of items available for purchase.