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Playing games in Avatarika

If you want to have fun and spend evening with friends — try Q-zar or bowling center.

bowling online

There are also two other games «Dice» and «Bet» that will be available to your character whenever you want. To start playing right click on the screen and select the game title in the context menu.

Visit the bowling center, and play online bowling with your friends. The game is no different from offline version, except that to play it you have no need to leave your home. Players can compete individually or in teams and thanks to this playing bowling in Avatarika will suit both lovers of team sports, and those who prefer playing solo.

Those who prefer more quiet activities will like one of the oldest games in the world — «Dice». Its simplicity and versatility have made it popular for centuries, so it is not surprising that its modern version — dice online has a lot of fans all over the world. Play where and whenever you want, just open the context menu and select the corresponding line.

game debate online

If you consider yourself a great strategist and tactician, and shooting is your hobby, you can achieve high scores by playing Q-zar. Confront enemies, capture strategic points (bases), team with other players or be the lone wolf — it’s up to you.

Regardless of whether you prefer simple mini-games or something more active, we have both. Avatarika is a fun and powerful online social network for everyone who wants to play, chat, make friends and have fun.