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Quests in Avatarika

Open the town map and you will see small golden stars. Every star means a citizen that needs your help. When you approach them you will see yellow exclamation marks above their heads. Click on the citizen and select the quest level in the opened window.

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As soon as the quest is selected, open the town map again and there you will see the shortest way to the place of its accomplishment marked with another exclamation mark. To temporarily hide the unnecessary marks, click on the bottom part of the map window.

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Then you need to get to the quest location, on foot, by car or using taxi or underground. When on place find the needed person and click on it. After that the green exclamation mark will appear above their head as the sign of the completed quest and your character will be rewarded with prestige points.

Performing all sorts of quests, your character will evolve and earn additional prestige. Thus, you can gradually increase your social level, and gain popularity in the world of «Avatarika». In addition, the quests are very interesting and well-designed, allowing players not just to evolve their characters, but also have fun and communicate with other players, who can be on the same task or just come across on the way to your ultimate goal.

The thing is that the world of «Avatarika» looks very much like real. So it’s double fun to complete quests in «real» circumstances. Raise your social status. Communicate with other players, make new friends and make your way to the top of this exciting world!