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Everyone needs a fixed income in the real world. The world of «Avatarika» is no different. But in order to get a job here, you don’t need to spend days in the office.

Every 30 minutes of real time spent in the game, you will receive salary on your account.

To learn your salary rate, mouse over the indicator of your prestige in the top left corner of the screen.

The higher the prestige level of your character is, the bigger salary he receives. And the bigger your salary is the more chances to raise your popularity in the game you have!

There are various ways to spend in-game money. Except for fitting daily needs such as clothes and food, you can buy cars, pets or even a luxury apartment and furnish it to your liking. And you are not limited with spending your money on yourself. How about making your friend happy by presenting them a plush toy?

Everything is in your hands!